more nature, closer


Nature Towns

are new towns surrounded by regenerative agriculture farms, owned by the residents.  The Nature supplies residents with food, energy and water seurity.


The typical town begins at 320 acres, with 25% for the town, and the reset for green infrastructure

240 acres

Green Infratructure

3,200 ppl

320 acres

Total People


Homesteading Communities

Lower Capital Equipment Costs per household

Nature Towns

Communities are easier for homesteading families - less isolation

Beginning Farmers & Ranchers

The challenges for just starting out are tremendous.  Knowledge, capital, and time are always in short supply.

NatureTowns give the steward the leg up.  A better deal.

Allotment Gardens

Homes come with Allotment gardens, premium soil, & water.  We take food resiliency to a new level, including produce washing stations, brewhubclubs, & more!    MORE FOOD, LESS WORK

Shared Facilities = Lower Cost of Living

The future is rapidly becoming unaffordable.  NatureTowns shift your real estate investment to what is important - food, water, and energy security.

Better Assets

What will be the resale value of your next place?

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