Google Flights Hacks To Find Cheap Flights

Google Flights give you many options using which you can get cheap airfare

Google Flights Explorer

You can enter multiple locations in Origin and Destinations. Cheapest option among those will appear on the top...

Google Flights Calendar

Google Flights Calendar is your first point where you can look for cheap airfare

Google Flights Alert

Whenever there is a price change, Google will send you an email on your registered mail id

Google Flights Grid

This is an excellent view and you can adjust your travel dates accordingly

Google flights price graph 

Nothing can beat the Google Flights Price graph when it comes to comparing the rates. 

Google Flights Map view

Ever felt like just packing your bags and go out anywhere in the world?

Google flights flexible dates

This will work only if you are fine with moving your travel dates based on the cheapest airfare.

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