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4 Reasons to integrate video into your marketing strategy

Video has never been more powerful or important in marketing your brand.

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If you are looking for creative ways to ensure that you stand out from the competition in your marketing efforts, video is a compelling choice.

4x More Likely to Engage

87% of our Clients

DHD's Success with video, by THE NUMBERS

In recent years, there has been a rapid shift in web content from text and static graphics to video.

74% of users making purchases

On explainer videos for a product or service.

Consumers watching a product video vs. reading about that product

Frequently use video as a marketing tool.

Next: Let’s look at 4 major benefits of integrating video to your website or marketing campaign.

80% conversion rate boost by integrating a product video on landing page.

DHD's video team can ensure your videos lead directly to sales. A lot of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, so naturally, engaging the visual senses is an effective way to engage a customer.


DHD WILL ENSURE YOUR VideoS enhance YOUR message delivery and engagement.

If your product or service deals with complex or extensive information, it can be difficult for your audience to grasp such a high volume of information quickly. 


Video benefits your marketing strategy 

Including video on a page can enhance SEO by boosting organic traffic, lower bounce rates and encourage more click-thru. 

Videos are also easily shared across social media networks. So when we help you create original video content, you are maximizing your social media channels since your users are being driven to your content


Build stronger relationships

DHD's video team can help your videos really put a personality and a face to your brand. It helps give your brand a personal connection with your audience which can be a huge competitive advantage. 


Let'S help you get started

If you’re still wondering if your organization should produce videos to enhance sales and branding, stop! You should begin the process at once if you haven’t already started.

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312.576-2975 - Bob Dion
312.683.5104 - Jim Baile