Top Factors to Consider When Buying Home Office Chairs

Investing in office furniture is a great idea if you want to get organised and improve your productivity. 

Buying Factors To Consider


Seat material and build quality


Seat dimensions


Ergonomics is about a design that prevents injury while sitting for long hours every day.

Here Are The Top Ergonomics To Consider

Lumbar support

Arm rests

Back rest


Seat Material And Build Quality

Extra padding is ideal for comfort during long sitting sessions. Moulded seat foams are idea, and are a compromise of firm 


Entry level chairs can cost under $200, but for heavy duty ergonomic desk chairs you can pay up to $400-600. Consider the need of the office employees. 

Seat Dimensions

The seat height should be about 430mm to 550mm from the floor (depending on your height). This allows people to have their feet flat on the floor while working

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