Latest Trends In False Ceiling For Hall Using Bullboard

A combination of false ceiling design, lighting and colour can transform an entire room. We have a collection of the trendiest and stunning false ceiling ideas. Explore it!

Creative Layers

Layers are a great way to create a completely personalized ceiling. With a layered tray ceiling, your living room will look stylish yet simple.

Rectangular False Ceiling With White Light

This type of design is among the most famous and most used type of designs these days. It gives a chick look to your living room. 

CNC Cut False ceilings

A hot trend in the Indian market is CNC cutting designs. BullBoard CNC cut not only gives your home a break from monotony but can also make your home stand out from the rest.

Stylish Statement

If you are fond of a high-end luxurious look, consider BullBoard Fibre cement mesh board. They would create a point of interest on your ceilings and attract attention to it. 

1) Increased longevity
2) Termite, Fire and water-resistant
3) less porous than
 conventional materials          4) Ecofriendly
5) Sound-absorbing capabilities.

Why BullBoard fibre-cement ?

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