Spark Joy with Glitter Wall Paint

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Everyone has come across them at some stage or admired them from afar - sparkly glitter walls have been used to adorn various hotels and modern venues around the globe for many years.

Create Your Space

What if we told you that you could create the same dazzling, glistening effect in your own home?

Painting Your Glitter Wall

The secret to painting glitter walls successfully is to work on a well-prepared surface. Prior to painting, clean your walls and fix any protruding nails or other flaws.

Before you start: 

If you're starting from scratch, sand any rough areas and prime all surfaces with a high-quality primer before painting.

Step 1:

Apply the base or primer For the base, use a similar color paint to your glitter paint or a regular primer e.g. If you're applying silver glitter paint, then use a grey base.

Step 2: The First Coat

Using a high-quality brush, apply the first coat in a crosshatch pattern for a variation of a glittery effect. Allow the first coat to dry for a minimum of 2-3 hours

Step 3: The Second Coat

Add the second coat using the same crosshatch pattern as for the first coat. It should take around 4 hours to dry.

Step 4: Voila!

Full cure can take up to 7 days, depending on conditions (mixture proportions, strength, weather conditions).

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