Several methods to fix   the error have been   described in this story

 How to fix error code           128 Vanguard
       not initialized ??

 What is Vanguard ?

 it is an anti-cheat software for Valorant it is an effective anti-cheat software that work's very strict & uncompromising for every player Which keeps maintaining the equality among the players to play the game & no worries the Vanguard keeps take care of every cheater by giving them a permanent ban that's why it's uncompromising.

 This happens because of the Vanguard service which stops so that the problem occurs so to fix It we have to start the Vanguard service again

 Method 1:

 > After you opened C drive click on program files and then you will see Riot Vanguard click on that folder.

> First, go to This PC Then click on Local Disc C where your windows are installed.

 > After you get into the Riot Vanguard folder You will see two applications 1) VGC 2) vgtray double click them to start and then the service will start.

 > After deleting the Riot Vanguard folder start the Valorant again it will take an update of 18MB after the update has been downloaded it will show you installing the dependencies.

 > Delete the Riot Vanguard folder which is present in the program files in the c drive path to that folder.

 If your first method does not work follow these steps below it will solve the error.

 Method 2:

 > After it completes you have to restart the computer to start the service automatically after Restarting the game will start without error.

 > Press Windows Key + X.   Choose Command Prompt   (Admin) or PowerShell (Admin).

 > Type the following commands one by one to Disable Windows Testing mode:-

 bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF 


 Disabling Windows Testing   Mode

 Method 3:


>Now open Valorant and click on the “Reboot   Computer” option.

 >Wait for your computer to start and Valorant should work now.

 > Type the following command and press enter:bcdedit.
 exe /set {current} nx OptIn

 > Press windows + X. Select Command Prompt (Admin).

Turning on Data Execution Prevention.

 Method 4:

 > Now start your Valorant 
 And the error is resolved.

 > Restart your computer to succesfully turn on DEP.

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