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Passionate love between a man and a woman can hardly be other than also erotic love.

Love Makes Life Worth Living

Virtuose as it is, this inexplicable kind of love breaks molds and creates unpredictable new belongings.

Love Makes Life Worth Living

The object of love is another adult - not oneself, not a deity, not a fancy car or cute pet.

Love between a man and a woman is a bias, but worth cherishing.

Only Two Biological Sexes

Regardless, for some it is God's love that matters the most in life, including in intimate relationships.

Love Makes Life Worth Living

Some people do have life-changing epiphanies with God's love.

Passionate human love may then become second-rate or negligible.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind...

God's love is often a last resort or battle cry for people who are hurting, are unloved, seek favors, or simply appreciate shelter from the storm.

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind...

What does God's love desire?

Social cohesion, that is, the behaviors and actions forming a united whole - as in 'Christian' culture.

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind...

However, God's love is a parental love at best, and need not be mistaken for the passionate love we hope to share with another human.

Let there be light...

Genesis 1:3

What then does erotic love desire? 'Beauty,' says Plato.

The delights of profound intimacy, both in mind and body, say us.

I Love You

Can an aspiring erotic love last?

Can it be genuine, true, authentic - or any other superlative, and not just self-interested?

I Always Will Love You

Yes it can.

Gazillions of unsung but happy couples throughout history and all over the world say so.

We Are Soulmates

Love is more of an art than an emotion.

They know that the capacity for love and loving can and must be mastered.

Living For the Sake Of The Other

In love, there is surrender due to enchantment, again and again.

In love, there is no cause for self-sacrifice or glorious individualism.

Surrender Due To Enchantment

Love Is Not A Child's Play

It is true that romantic or erotic love is disarming and makes lovers vulnerable and all.

Having an inkling of God's parental love can then be helpful.

It would be a world of exclusivity, of caste if we could.

Luckily, we cannot tell ourselves whom to fall in love with.

Love Makes Life Worth Living

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