The Secret is the 3cs

What Does It Take to Write Like A Pro?

Don't Write Like This Guy!

Life is short but it weighs a lot.


Humans are 95% Water.

Most Writers Don't Realize One Simple Biological Fact. 

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We Think with .001% of our Body.

Water Can't Think.
Water Cannot Concentrate.

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.001% Needs the 3Cs

The Stronger the Cigar, the Better the Copy!

Don't Be Cheap!

Don't Skimp on The Coffee You Drink!

One Cup Per Paragraph is About Right. 

A Couple of Cigars and a Pot of Coffee Later ...

Now Concentrate!

Total Focus!

You Can See Concentration in the Eyes!

Concentration = Speed and Accuracy!

Hope This Helps You Write Great Copy!

Works for Me!