With more than 40 undergraduate
and 50 graduate and certificate
programs, it offers
educational opportunities for a
diverse, inclusive community of learners. 

CARLOW is a co-educational Catholic,

Located in the heart of
campus, University Commons
is a dynamic space for student

There are many student-focused areas
across five floors within University Commons.

Commuter students have a dedicated lounge on the first floor to study,
rest or talk among friends between classes. 

The first-floor bookstore is stocked with swag and essential items. 

The mailroom is conveniently located steps inside the first-floor
entrance of University Commons.

Snacks, cold beverages and on-the-go food are
always available at the
Celtic Market. 

with global reach,

the Art Gallery features interdisciplinary justice-based
exhibits and serves as a center for community dialogue. 

On their way to class, students often grab a bite
to eat from Frank's Cafe on the second floor. 

The Grace Library supports learning, research and scholarship through information services, resources and instruction.

A variety of spaces throughout the fourth floor provides
students with options to study alone or in groups. 

The McGinley Center offers a host of academic services to support students in their learning, including the Hopkins Communication Lab, Center for Academic Achievement and Disability Services. 

Students can develop their communications skills at the Hopkins Lab, which offers workshops, tutoring and other support services. 

Microphones and video cameras capture students as they practice presentations
in one of several sound-proof rooms. 

Massey Mathematics Lab provides dedicated support to
students needing assistance with math-related coursework. 

Restroom facilities are handicap accessible.

Gailliot Center is one of several large gathering spaces for University events. 

McAuley Chapel is a place where all students, faculty and
staff are welcome for quiet prayer or Catholic liturgy.

The Prayer Room honors and supports the religious
diversity of our campus community. 

The fifth-floor Art Balcony panels depicting Carlow's
history and mission were designed by  undergraduate students.

The Sisters of Mercy Convent, St. Joe's Gym, University Commons and Tiernan Hall all border the campus green

The dining hall is located in Tiernan Hall.

Food stations offer a variety of fresh, flavorful
and on-trend meal options.

The dining hall offers eat-in and to-go options for
students, faculty and staff. 

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Students majoring in the sciences, math, health care and education have lab classes in A.J. Palumbo Hall of Science and Technology,
or AJP for short. 

Students can grab a coffee and light meals while
studying in the Atrium

With a 10:1 student to faculty ratio, students never feel like a number.

Lab classes are capped at 16 students

A typical class in the lecture hall averages 30 students,
with the largest classes having 60 students. 

Respiratory therapists are in demand, and Carlow students learn the latest on-the-ground techniques.

97% of students either have a job or admission
to grad school within six months of graduation.

The Gross Anatomy Lab is important for the education
and training of health care professionals. 

Carlow's rigorous, innovative classes well
prepare students for future careers.

The main driveway winds through the center of campus.

Resident students live in either Frances Warde Hall
or the adjoining Dougherty Hall

They can gather and unwind in two spacious, comfortable lounges on the main floor. 

Student rooms include a twin bed, chest of drawers,
wardrobe, desk and chair for each occupant.

Each room has a micro-fridge and window air-conditioner unit.

Most rooms are double-occupancy

Room layouts vary based on their location in the two halls.

Nearly 400 students live in the residence halls, including 12 resident assistants.

There are 11 smaller lounges throughout the residence halls.

Communal bathrooms with individual stalls are located on each floor. 

Laundry facilities are located throughout the residence halls.

Carlow Police and campus dispatch are conveniently located
just inside of Frances Warde Hall.

The Discovery Garden is one of five gardens
representing Carlow's Mercy values. 

The Admissions Office, Student HUB, Rosemary Heyl Theatre and a number of classrooms are in Antonian Hall, located directly across from University Commons.

The Admissions team is always ready to greet
and serve its visitors. 

In-person tours begin in the Admissions Office,
located on the third floor. 

Classes are taught by faculty, never teaching assistants. 

Ceramics classes, located in the first-floor studio, are open to all students. 

68% of classes have 20 students or less.

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Nursing and other healthcare majors have core classes in Curran Hall.

The Celtic Simulation Center for Innovative Learning (CSCIL), a state-of-the-art simulated hospital environment, provides nursing students with realistic scenarios and lifelike patients. 

Faculty can monitor the students' interactions and skills from a control room. 

Small lecture classes are held in Curran Hall.

Located in the bustling Oakland section of Pittsburgh, students have easy access to several area hospitals and universities, world-class museums and parks, and a thriving cultural scene. 

The newly renovated St. Joe's Gym is home to an expansive gym and fitness center, as well as Carlow's 14 athletics teams.

Renovations included upgrading the facility to be fully accessible.

The fitness center offers healthy lifestyle strategies, exercise programs and
wellness education opportunities for students, faculty and staff. 

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